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Asker Anonymous Asks:
When someone sneezes I try say "gesundheit". Which apparently means "health". It's a common alternative so no one looks at you weird. Though, out of habit, i do catch myself saying "bless you". But, honestly, I think the religious connotation has been largely removed from sneezing enough that it doesn't matter too much..
atheism-shitthatblows atheism-shitthatblows Said:
Asker ricrodrigo Asks:
In regards to saying something other than "bless you". In the anime Cowboy Bebop one of the characters sneezes and the other character says "take care". I like that because it removes the religious connotations, but still wishes them well.
atheism-shitthatblows atheism-shitthatblows Said:
In terms of substitutes to "bless you," I'm fond of the Spanish "Salud," which translates literally into "Health."
atheism-shitthatblows atheism-shitthatblows Said:

Thanks!  According to this Wikipedia article, many other languages use some variation of “To your health,” rather than a blessing.

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